Garland Probate Litigation Attorney

The death of a family member can raise a number of issues involving a will or a trust. These may include questions about the validity of the instrument, its proper  interpretation, who is entitled to be the personal representative of the estate or trustee of the trust, who is entitled to receive property and how much, and whether the personal representative of the estate or trustee is breaching his fiduciary duties. John Exline can advise you on these issues and protect your interests in probate court when necessary.

Practice Area

John D. Exline, Attorney, provides comprehensive litigation services, including probate litigation. The attorney has been practicing law in Texas for over 35 years and has taken countless cases to trial. Whether you want an attorney to negotiate with the opposing party to handle the matter discreetly or a lawyer who will aggressively pursue the matter in court, Attorney Exline can assist.

Attorney Exline welcomes anyone from the North Texas and East Texas areas, as well as the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex region, who has a concern over a will or personal representative and wants to explore their options.

When it comes to something as painful as dealing with the passing of a loved one, and contesting their will or choice of executor, it helps to have a sensitive attorney by your side. Let Attorney Exline fight for your best interests during this difficult time.

How a Probate Litigation Attorney Can Help

When a loved one dies, a personal representative or executor is in charge of administering their will. If you believe there is an issue with the decedent’s will, that the executor is not qualified to perform their duties, or there is a problem with a part of the will, you have the right to challenge the decedent’s Last Will and Testament in court. You may be able to get the personal representative replaced by a neutral third party or get a portion of the will thrown out as a result of your litigation.

A probate litigation attorney can review your side of the story, work with the personal representative or the other side’s attorney so you do not have to, and help ensure the swift and fair resolution of the matter at hand. Contesting a will is very difficult, so you need an attorney to help you through the process.

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