Garland Personal Injury Attorney

Being injured due to the fault of others often causes serious or even devastating consequences. Medical bills, loss of income, pain and suffering, and physical impairment can take a huge toll on you and your family. When this happens, it is wise to consult with an experienced Personal Injury Attorney to determine the best strategy to obtain fair compensation for your injury expenses and personal claims. Survivors of those who died from their injuries may also be entitled to file claims for loss of their loved one and other claims.

Personal Injury Law

In the areas of Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex, north Texas and east Texas, people who have suffered harm due to negligence get compassionate understanding and excellent legal advice, counsel and representation at the Garland, TX, law office of John D. Exline.

With 35 years of experience in this area of law practice, Attorney John D. Exline has developed extensive knowledge and skill handling and winning Personal Injury cases for thousands of clients. He provides each client with the personal care and attention they deserve, as he works closely with them to set goals and to help them reach their objectives within the legal system.

Accidents & Personal Injury

In many cases, accidents have been the cause of personal harm and expense. Vehicle accidents and other mishaps happen daily across Texas, with results ranging from property damage to personal injury and/or death of the victim. Injured persons and survivors of those who died may seek fair compensation for their claims under Personal Injury Law.

Personal Injury Claims

People may make claims under Personal Injury laws when they or a loved one has been hurt in accidents that are due to the negligent behavior of other persons, professional caretakers or companies. Claims also may be filed under these laws if you are harmed in a deliberate attack, or when you suffer wrongful discrimination.

Personal Injury can happen anywhere, at work, at play, while you are traveling or on the job, or when you are unfairly treated or discriminated against. Claims under these laws may include the following:

  • Medical Care & Treatment – Emergency, hospital, doctor, nurse, dentist and other medical care expenses.
  • Income Loss – Monetary compensation for income lost due to your injuries.
  • Pain & Suffering – Some cases may involve intangible costs.
  • Loss of Companion/Consortium – When a loved one is disabled or dies in an accident, their survivors may file claims.
  • Rehabilitation & Job Retraining – Recovery from accident injuries may require these solutions.
  • Disability – temporary/permanent – Injuries may leave you with serious disability issues that are costly in many ways.

If you have been injured or lost a loved one due to someone else’s negligent behavior, learn how we can help you obtain justice. Contact the Law Office of John D. Exline, in Garland, TX. Call John now, at 214-663-5260.