Garland Business Litigation Attorney

When your business is facing a legal dispute, you want to be in the best position to resolve it on favorable terms and as economically as possible. Sometimes this is by negotiation or other actions out of court, sometimes by aggressive representation in court, arbitration, or mediation, and sometimes by both.  You need an experienced, responsive attorney able to advise you and take whatever action is best in your situation. John Exline has the experience and judgment to help you through your business’s legal conflicts.

Business Law

Attorney John D. Exline is highly qualified to provide you with excellent legal representation for all Business Law matters. He has over 35 years experience helping individuals and business owners deal with all types of legal concerns, including Business Litigation, Personal Injury and Probate Litigation.

John is current on all Texas laws at state and local levels, and with Federal laws that apply to business operations. He understands how various legal challenges can cause a business to become a burden instead of a joy for the owner. John gives each client the personal attention they deserve, so they can deal with critical legal matters, so they can move forward again and continue to prosper.

Business Litigation Services

Attorney John D. Exline has devoted his law career to providing exceptional care to his clients. He understands the value of compassion and uses his long years of experience helping business owners to enhance his contribution to each case. He is meticulous about paying attention to detail and always does a thorough case preparation.

When business litigation services are required, John is on top of the situation and ready to provide aggressive legal representation for his clients. Among these services the following elements are included:

  • Consultation & Representation – Advice, consul, representation, mediation, negotiation to resolve all types of business disputes and challenges.
  • Courtroom Case Presentation – Powerful courtroom representation based on thorough preparation.
  • Investigation Services – Digging up evidence to support your case may require John’s special investigative services.
  • Internal Company Disputes – Resolve issues between owners, partners, shareholders, employees and others so all may continue to thrive and prosper.
  • Competition Issues – Fight for your rights in unfair competition cases; copyright and intellectual property protection and other issues that affect your company’s operations.
  • Probate Litigation – Resolving Probate matters faster is time and cost-effective.
  • Other Legal Problems – Compliance matters, customer complaints, SEC, fraud, employee disputes, collection enforcement are just some problems many business owners must face.

Put your energy where it belongs – into running your company, while you let Attorney Exline handle the legal matters. Contact the Law Office of John D. Exline, Attorney, in Garland, TX. Call John now to discuss your Business Litigation concerns, at 214-663-5260.