Practice Areas

Garland Business Litigation Attorney

Running a business is an exciting adventure, but when you face legal issues, that adventure can become difficult unless you have help from an experienced Business Litigation Attorney. In Garland, TX, people find that experience and assistance they need to win their case at the law office of John D. Exline, Attorney.

Garland Personal Injury Attorney

Being injured unnecessarily can create multiple problems in your life. When this happens, it is wise to consult with an experienced Personal Injury Attorney to determine the best strategy to obtain fair compensation for your injury expenses and personal claims. Survivors of those who died from their injuries may also be entitled to file claims for loss of their loved one and other claims.

Garland Probate Litigation Attorney

Do you have an issue with a will or the appointment of a personal representative in the recent death of a loved one? If so, you may benefit from the probate litigation services of Attorney Exline. Learn how a litigation attorney can help you challenge someone's Last Will and Testament through a a consultation with the attorney.